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Marina Barnes

Self Compassion Coach

In 2007, I discovered Nonviolent Communication and began a lifelong journey of mindfulness. I became aware of how my thinking impacts what I say and do, and the ripple effects it has on others. This led me to become a certified Mindfulness Instructor with Mindful Schools, a Mindful Self-Compassion for Teens (formerly known as Making Friends with Yourself) Trained Teacher, and a graduate of David Treleaven’s The Complete Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Training.

I love to work with teens as these are such formative years. I work with high school students in helping them find ways to cope with the stresses of school and life. Supporting them in becoming aware of the causes of their stress opens up a doorway to explore the skills and tools needed for increased mental well-being.



Alex Espinosa

LMFT 98559

Alex Espinosa

I have always been fascinated by how human nature can endure the emotional and physical battles that life may throw at a person and how they may react.

Due to this curiosity, I have dedicated my career for the past 8 years as a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist in supporting a variety of different family populations varying from age range of 2- 22 years of age , and exploring different ways of helping others.

It is a desire of mine to want to help guide people who are in need of a stronger emotional foundation.

I have recently begun my journey since with Mindful Self Compassion in 2020; in supporting adolescents in navigating and establishing their place in society in a more gentle capability.




“It helped me accept a lot of things about myself I can’t control.”

“I’ve learned to appreciate more of what I have in my life.”

“I am definitely less tense / more relaxed after the mindfulness lessons.”

“I used to be less accepting of my flaws, but now I’ve learned to appreciate myself better.”